Get to know the group of Cape Codders dedicated to growing the best oysters around.


“Thank God for Cape Cod”
Born and raised on the Cape, Jon needed to see what else was out there before coming full circle and returning home to plant roots. From College in Quincy, MA to living in Bucharest, Romania to loading chairlifts in Snowmass CO and sleeping on couches in Orange County, CA, Jon always felt like there was just a little something missing, and he likes to say it was it was right in front of his amazing face the whole time.

Instantly enthralled after his first trip to the Barnstable Harbor farms in 2007, Jon’s passion and “stay psyched” attitude has never wavered. When not farming or looking for any excuse at all for a boat ride, Jon can be found with his homies (really great wife, 3 daughters, 2 cats, 1 dog). And when there’s a minute or two and school is in session; he’ll sneak in a surf mission or a trip up to the mountains with the crew. The guy is just happy to be here.


Born and raised in the marshes and saltwater creeks of Marshfield, MA, Jenny ‘Koops’ has always had a connection to the sea. From her involvement with seal pup rescue at the New England aquarium to guiding whale watches out of Boston, to commercial fishing in Alaska, Jen puts her heart and soul into her work.

After spending 20+ years living and raising a family on the coast of South Africa, where she worked with the South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds and in particular African Penguins affected by oil spills, Jen returned to New England, and in particular Cape Cod, with an interest in aquaculture, and in particular, oyster farming and man are we glad she did!! Always bringing positive vibrations and a contagious laugh (along with sparkling water), Jen’s enthusiasm and connection to the farm is unmatched.

When she’s not farming Jen can be found surfing local breaks from the Cape to Rhode Island , walking her dogs Wiggles and Cindy, and just being outside as much as humanly possible. If you run into her buy her a nice Pinot Noir, and if you’re lucky she’ll teach you some African slang and tell a few stories of surfing some of South Africa’s nearly perfect waves with her two amazing sons. Jennifer is one in a million and we’re lucky to have her in the Moon Shoal Family.


Out of his 19 glorious and salty years, we’ve known Greg for all of them. A native Cape Codder, ‘G-Chrome’ has all the insider info and hook ups you’d expect of a young man addicted to being on the water. From packing bait and spooling line at the local bait shop to being the first mate on one of the Cape’s most successful charter fishing boats, Greg has never had a job not connected to the sea.

A young man with an old soul and a keen eye for working birds or the smell of a bait ball of breaking mackerel, he’s always down for the sketchiest of farm missions. His enthusiasm and “we can handle it“ attitude are second only to his tireless work ethic (being 19 doesn’t hurt either). If we had a mission statement at Moon Shoal it would be “Work Hard and be Nice.” Greg embodies this daily and we are psyched to have him as part of the family.

When he’s not farming Greg can be found (well not found actually, he won’t give up his secret spots) fishing just about every day that he can. In the winter he is a Snowboard Coach at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire for the same team that he used to compete with. His style on the water translates perfectly to the snow. The kid rips!!


While most people his age living on the Cape have “wash ashored” at some point, our friend Sean did just the opposite. Born right here on ole’ Cape Cod, Sean and his family moved to Harvard, MA where he spent most of his time in the woods riding too fast on his his dirt bike and snowmobiles when not it school. However, he couldn’t quite shake his saltwater roots, and when running through sprinklers and swinging ropes into lakes just wasn’t cutting it anymore, he found himself itching to be back by the ocean, and naturally, all roads led back to the Cape. Always under dressed and never having a complaint, Sean’s good nature and “look at the bright side” mentality was a perfect fit for our farm.

When he’s not crushing farm duties or enjoying an IPA, Sean can be found working as a mate with our good friends over at Ante Meridiem Charters. We are very lucky to have Sean as part of the MSO family. Also, on a side note, Sean Dawg has never once turned down a last minute 4am surf session or a drive through a blizzard to go snowboarding. Ever.


Another Cape Cod native, and perennial farm favorite, Charles rarely leaves the Cape, and Barnstable Harbor in particular. Seemingly never bothered by any type of weather whatsoever, Charlie is always just “around.” Whether he’s dropping quahogs onto oyster cages from 30 feet or relentlessly and slowly stabbing green crabs to death with his gorgeous beak, he never seems to be in a bad mood, and is always ready to eat anything, at anytime.

When not at the farm Charlie enjoys absolutely destroying newly washed cars from above in the Whale Watch parking lot or hanging with his crew at DJ’s wings and the Burger King on route 6 west bound. Everyone loves this guy.


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