The flavor of a Barnstable Harbor oyster is due to the sandy bottom and infusion of fresh water in the Harbor, giving the Moon Shoal Oysters a sweeter flavor.


Lat: 41.7126092, Long: -70.3030777
Moon Shoal is a place. It’s an actual sandbar located in the Great Marsh, a 3800 acre salt marsh (think rain forest of the sea) located in Barnstable Harbor. Our farm is tucked right behind Sandy Neck Beach, a barrier beach which protects us from the Atlantic Ocean, and is only accessible by boat. The farm is flooded with huge 10 ft tides, twice a day, everyday, with the cool and crisp saltwater from Cape Cod Bay and beyond (Gulf of Maine). The big tidal flush, the thatch islands, the sandy bottom, and some fresh water creeks which run over the farms combine to give our oysters a “balanced by nature” flavor profile.

Starting out at 1mm and all the way to market size, Moon Shoals are grown at a low density and handled often to encourage cup and shape. We harvest them by hand, every last one of them, and our labor of love and care are evident in every bag we send out.


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